Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Birth of An Obsession

Hello All!
Welcome to my blog about my newfound obsession (and I try not to use the word obsession lightly), astrology. My interest formed after meeting my roommate, Samantha Grubbs. The first day we met I remember three distinct things: 1) I really liked her sunglasses, 2) Her voice was way higher-pitched than I had expected, and 3) she sincerely believed in astrology. That first night of dinner with her family, my mother, and me, I was informed that she had looked up our signs in order to determine our compatibility: she is an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus. This meant…we were not the ideal match. But even as we discussed our signs and the supposed friction that existed between them, a feeling of camaraderie developed. Her mother talked about how well she and Sam got on when away from the more aggressive horoscope signs of Sam’s dad and sister Alex, and looking at my with an understanding smile said, “I’m a Taurus, too”. Thus far, the supposed negative energy that exists between our signs has been absent from our friendship. We have similar interests, hang out all the time, throw crazy dance parties, perform karaoke duets, truss ourselves up in flamboyant costumes and prance around making videos based off of outlandish plotlines that we co-invent. In summation, we are soul sisters. Sam continued to introduce me to astrology by discussing the signs of friends and family and the ways in which they reflect that person’s nature. The more we read about people’s horoscopes, the more I grew to believe in what the signs were saying. Except, they still didn’t explain why Sam and I were getting along so well. Aquarius fits her to a Tee. Aquarius is a water sign that is known as the sign of nonconformity. It is known for being intellectual, eccentric, innovative, and inventive. The Taurus is an earth sign, known for being well grounded, patient, hesitant, and introverted. While some of this is true, when looking at more detailed descriptions of Taurus, it doesn’t feel like it quite fits. For now, I guess I’m just an astrological misfit. So is there any truth behind horoscopes? And in what way does studying my horoscope help me learn anything of value? Well, I’m not really sure…but for now, I find it fascinating, or rather, quite intriguing and will continue to read up on the horoscopes and their meanings.

Your Amateur Astrologer,

This is a picture of Sam and I during the first week of school. Come on now, have you ever seen two people better suited to be roommates?