Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Astrological Affirmation of Sorts

Hello Loyal Followers!!!
And by loyal followers, I of course mean Professor McCollum and you wonderful teacher’s assistants who grade my entries. ANYWHO, it may seem a little too convenient, but I have discovered the reasons why Sam and I, despite our conflicting horoscopes, get along so well. It’s not because of our similar personalities, which may defy astrological reasoning, and it’s not some trivial reason like, “horoscopes are nonsense and have no effect upon your life or your being”. Oh no friends…it is completely justified by the stars. You see, just the other night I was breezing through my suitemate Megan’s (Megan and I are an ideal match, by the way, she is a Virgo) horoscope and zodiac book—which she bought after Sam and I introduced her to the magic of astrology—when I came across something very interesting. Moon signs. One's moon sign is linked with emotion and moods, so while one's sun sign could be Taurus (one possibly being...I don't know, me) and determine their general characteristics, the moon sign would determine their emotions. I guess you could even stretch that and say it might sort of determine the soul of a person. Reading this, as an astrological misfit, I was immediately determined to find my own moon sign. So I went to the handy dandy Internet and googled birth charts. A birth chart is an astrological chart of where all the planets, the moon, and the sun were at your birth. I quickly found a site that calculates birth charts for free, and a few hours later, I had not only calculated my own birth chart and thus my moon sign, but also most of the people I knew by gathering information off of their facebooks...including Miss Samantha Lynn Grubbs. That's another great feature of astrology, it's a supreme time waster and really allows you to feel okay about facebook stalking, so when your roommate asks you why you're on so-and-so's facebook feverishly poring over their profile at 3a.m. you can excuse it by saying, "I'm calculating their birth chart!" But back to my central line of thought, after calculating the birth charts for Sam and myself I found that both of us had several planets that were in line at the time of our birth. According to the charts and the positions of these parallel planets, we were both inventive, talkative, romantic thinkers, stubborn, and had a tendency to be haughty. Also, my moon was in the house of Aries when I was born, making my moods and emotions more compatible with Sam's because Aries is known for being active, inventive, hot-tempered, and passionate. Also according to my birth chart, I am full of contraditions, so the fact that my nature somewhat contradicts my birth sign is just a part of the stars! So although Sam and my sun signs didn't necessarily match up, when getting into the nitty gritty details of astrology, our natures are extremely compatible!

Once again astrology saves the day by explaining away my realities with its fantastical nature.

Your Amateur Astrologer,


If you'd like to calculate your own birth chart, here is the sort of sketchy link I used:

There is Sam lurking in the background as I smile with joy, contemplating the stars and their implications for us lowly humans.

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