Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Madness: and I'm not talking about basketball

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Today I decided to give us a brief change of pace. Usually I discuss horoscopes and astrology more in a general way: discussing personality traits and compatibility. Most of us, however, are more familiar with horoscopes in relation to those daily or monthly predictions for our lives found in teenybopper magazines and cheesy newspapers. So this entry we will be looking at the predictions for Taurus for March. I found these predictions on AOL horoscopes, written by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer whom according to AOL are well-established and oh so professional. If you would like to look up your own horoscope go to

This March for me, Mademoiselle Taurus:

Your passion is aroused in unexpected ways this month, starting with your ruling planet, Venus, entering independent Aries on March 7 to spice up your social life with spontaneous actions that could provoke shocking reactions. The spirit of risk taking is reinforced when assertive Mars turns direct on March 10 after a twelve-week retrograde cycle that's been keeping you bottled up emotionally and energetically -- this direct turn enables you to get new projects up and running. This uncharacteristic restlessness is fed by the New Moon in Pisces and your 11th House of Groups on March 15: its close conjunction with mentally-active Mercury and electrifying Uranus presents fast-moving surprises with friends or colleagues that spur unconventional ideas and events.

Taurus Love Horoscope for March When You Least Expect It Love planet Venus, ruler of your sign, is moving into your 12th House of Privacy on March 7, which is good for advancing your personal life in quiet, out of the way places. You might also feel like retreating from the complexities of relationships all together, or you could have a harder time getting attention. It's best not to force something at this time -- with this transit it's more likely you'll find connections when you're not trying. Venus hits a rough patch from March 8 to 12 as she faces hard aspects with Saturn and Pluto. These tough planets require focus and intensity to deal with a difficult person or a down mood. Act carefully -- the impact of what you do now could be lasting. The bright light at the end of the tunnel comes when Venus enters your sign on March 31, promising easier times ahead.

Taurus Career Horoscope for March Learning to Adapt Your sweet ruling planet Venus dives into your 12th House of Secrecy from March 7 to March 31, making it more difficult to get attention or earn recognition for your work. The New Moon in your 11th House of Groups on March 15 could shake up a team or bring some radical changes. Mental Mercury's conjunction with inventive Uranus during this New Moon could create even more chaos on the job, yet it's also a chance to take a fresh look at how to work with others. The Sun fires into energetic Aries on March 20, which will put more wind in almost everyone's sails. Moving and thinking faster is likely to become a requirement, but take some time to get away from it all, if you can, to get a broader view of your professional life.

This month has started out as being extremely hectic full of activities and homework galore. However, I feel relatively content and peaceful, although a little bit overtired. So thus far, I’m not seeing a lot of evidence for these predictions. For the remainder of this month, I will be keeping track of my moods, activities, and other such things as I make my way through March. For my next entry, I will give an analysis on how accurate these predictions were, but also on how these predictions affected my outlook for the month. Because we all know astronomy as a well-established and scientific field of study, I’m sure we can expect the most accurate of results. In case you missed it that was the slightest bit of sarcasm.

Your Amateur Astrologer and Horoscope Half-wit,

Margaret Browne

Here I am as you know me now, before March has had a chance to throttle me. We'll see what I look like after all of these predictions have taken their toll.

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