Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness: The results are in

Hello my Astrological Aspirers,

March is almost (but not quite) through, so it’s time for a little analysis and backtracking in order to figure out whether or not the month’s predictions were close to correct. According to the predictions on March 7 I was supposed to spice up the ol’ daily routine with a little spontaneity. My friend Anne drove from Dallas to a friend’s ranch and on the way she stopped through San Antonio. She called, so I left campus and met her at Mi Tierra and was able to meet all of her friends, which was great. I guess in a way that was spontaneous—though there were no shocking reactions provoked. On the tenth I was finally given the time to write my two essays due the next day, so I feverishly began those and pulled an all nighter, though I’m not sure if that would be called starting a new project the right way. As to the spurring on of unconventional ideas and events, there may have been a few—quite enjoyable—but no more than usual, as my life is usually plagued/blessed with unusual events. Oh, and I suppose I did experience some feelings of restlessness. However, they were pretty well taken care of when my friend Jenna and I went on a road trip to Nashville for spring break.

On to Taurus and love for March. According to the predictions I was supposed to feel like retreating from relationships and keeping away from those complicated messes altogether. However, seeing that that is how I usually feel, I don’t see how relevant that prediction was, except that it was correct.

As for my career, I was on Spring Break, doing no work of any kind for the dates allotted by the horoscope. While some of the moods felt were spot on, I really don’t see how a lot of the stuff about careers in this series of predictions was applicable to me Margaret Browne.

All in all though, March was extremely busy and extremely fun. I've had an awesome time during my sorority's orientation and although it's made doing homework a little more stressful, it's been worth it. And spring break was wondrous, driving to Nashville and going to Graceland were so fun and spending so much time with my best friend Jenna was amazing. If I really thought about it (which I am, of course, really thinking about it) I could make a number of events or feelings that occurred throughout the month of March apply to the scenarios posed by the horoscope. I could twist anything into fitting with the design, so here’s the message followers: horoscopes can be fun, but don’t take them too seriously. Especially pay no heed if you’re using them to make important decisions. While I really enjoy a good horoscope, usually predictions are a little useless; I prefer personality trait analysis and the like. I feel like that is much more indicative of a person’s nature and what will happen to them. As to whether or not their personality is determined by the stars, I don’t really know. But I have to say, I’m not so sure that I care anymore. I feel that I just might have outgrown my astrology phase.

The Original Asinine Astrologer,


Here is my beloved friendle Courtney as she sits next to me in study hall. Even though March has been tiring, it was also a frivolous delight. So I guess the end of March finds me now exhausted, but content.

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